Ivo Aulik

Our lead facilitator is Mr Ivo Aulik, a graduate of London’s CSC, previously known as Hellinger Institution, today known as the Centre for Systemic Constellations.

Ivo, an entrepreneur for nearly a quarter of the century in multiple successful businesses (simultaneously), found his true passion for psychology in 2015. This led to studies at UCL, which were later continued by CSC, for the Constellation work. Ivo has been taking part also in multiple additional courses, with a particular interest in Emotional Trauma, the dynamics of Couples’ Relationships and Narcissistic Personality Disorders.

His life mission that matches his passion now is to help others to come out of vicious cycles of trauma, abuse, inherited transgenerational burdens and breakdown of relationships that matter.

Ivo will provide you with a safe and trustful session where your issue will be dealt with respectfully and slowly at an acceptable speed for you. Confidentiality and your well-being are the top priority!

Nic Seuren

Nic works in a large corporate, looking at systemic transformation & change.

She developed a love of constellations when she started working with this approach in 2018, a time of personal change. Since 2019 Nic has trained with The Whole Partnership and the Centre for Systemic Constellations applying this approach to organisations, individuals, family and couples. Her passion for constellations is based on her experience with this as a tool for transformation. She loves constellations as a process for the insight they bring and the alchemy of the experience. Nic utilizes the systemic perspective to support people working to understand their own and inherited patterns, trauma and gifts.