What to expect

from the

therapy sessions?

There is no hiding from the fact that in order to heal the wounds, sometimes they may need to be opened first so that they can be cleaned appropriately and then let be adequately healed. But thankfully, not everyone necessarily has wounds. Some people may just need help to focus on the right goals or be guided in the jungle of feelings. Either way, a great flow of great energy will fulfill your therapy sessions – every time! As much as we will touch some heavy topics, we will also shine positivity and laughter to your sessions. It may be a little bit like a roller-coaster, but our goal is to make positive changes in your life, with minimum time possible.

What is

your commitment?

Unlike traditional therapy, we do not require any commitment from you. You mustn’t feel pressured or obligated by any therapist. It is your time and life; hence, you need to be in control. A therapist is here to guide you and help you – not to add more pressure or anxiety! Our online booking facility allows you to choose a convenient time for yourself, with just a few clicks.

However, if you decide to have repeated (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) therapy sessions, which secures you repeated time-slots, then we offer a discount between 10% to 35%.

How long will

the therapy take?

One session is 90 minutes long.

The number of sessions depends on each and individual case. In some cases, one session is all that is needed. Some others may visit us tens of sessions. However, we may stop any further sessions ourselves if you believe that the client has reached the maximum potential that we can offer. We would ensure that so-called addiction to therapy, won’t be reached.


Any information that you share with us will be dealt with the highest confidentiality. We do not share your data with any third party. We will delete any data about you, from our files, within 48 hours from the time you have made the request.

However, if you have a strong reason to believe that you may be in any danger, we will inform the appropriate authorities about this.

What is the

“Pro Bono” program?

We have set aside a substantial amount of therapy sessions, each month, that offer free therapy for those whose financial situation doesn’t allow to get the help needed. Please note that any other organisation or government fund does not subsidies this service.

Due to the high demand versus available resources, the waiting time can be considerably longer. We are also analysing each applicant’s case and may require proof for their financial situation. Therefore, not all applications will be successful. To apply, you must fill up the online application form.

Where is the

therapy taking place?

The therapy will take place in Canary Wharf – London (1-minute walk from the station). In order to protect our clients’ confidentiality to maximum, you will only reveal the full address with your booking confirmation.

Skype and Zoom sessions are available, although the face to face sessions are highly prefered, for your maximum benefit.